Day: October 7, 2020

Beautiful Sunday Online Episode 1: The Voice

Music Online

In the pilot episode of “Beautiful Sunday Online”, vocal group The Opera People and crooner Nick Zavior are set to hit the high notes with singing styles that show off the voice’s range and resonance. Tipping their hats to masters such as Verdi, Massenet and Delibes, The Opera People’s electrifying performance of classics such as ….  Read More

Pocket Electronic Symphony #1 at World Music Days 2019

New Music

Doris Hallmägi from Estonian Electroacoustic Music Society’s Ensemble performs my Pocket Electronic Symphony #1 at “The New Stroke” concert at the World Music Days 2019 festival in Tallinn, Estonia, on May 5th 2019. Pocket Electronic Symphony is a smartphone symphony for a solo performer. The symphony is written as sound generating software which acts both ….  Read More

Day 1: Uber Elevate Summit 2019 | Uber

New Music

Watch the Day 2 stream here: Watch more from the Uber Elevate Summit: The third annual Uber Elevate Summit, convenes the world’s foremost urban air mobility experts and collaborators in our nation’s capital. This year’s Uber Elevate Summit will build off of the energy and momentum into the Uber Elevate flywheel — this not only ….  Read More