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Raag Bilawal (Part – 1) -Indian classical music online live riyaz Session by Guru Ji Sanjay Dewale

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Bilaval or Bilawal is a raga and the basis for the eponymous thaat (musical mode) in Hindustani classical music. Raga Bilaval is named after Veraval, Gujarat #raagbilawal #riyaazsession #indianmusicliveriyaaz Bilaval had become the basic scale for North Indian music by the early part of the 19th century. Its tonal relationships are comparable to the Western ….  Read More

"EQUIVALENCE" Andy Wasserman solo piano composition from "COMPOSURE" 2/18/24 concert, in 1080pHD

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This is a video excerpt in 1080pHD from the program “COMPOSURE” – Episode 190 of ‘The Listening Experience’ Sunday weekly Couch Tour LiveStream, broadcast on February 18, 2024. —- Watch entire “COMPOSURE” February 18, 2024 concert on Youtube: —- Navigate + listen to other compositions from this concert: Collectedness Dependability Conciliate Trueheartedness Verticality Steering Clear ….  Read More